Jackie Chan's Artwork and Wine

Words: Henry Yuen

Jackie Chan’s Artwork and Wine

I am quite sure International martial master and celebrity film star Jackie Chan enjoys sipping wine, may even has a cellar-full of fine wines, perhaps a collection of Bordeaux, but his own wine?

No doubt celebrities around the world, be it Hollywood fames, renowned artists, musicians, designers, athletes and media personalities whose popularity and big numbers of fans and followers become the ideal targets to champion any advertising campaign. Commercial marketers, political groups and charity organizations never stops tapping onto their status to cell products and raise awareness. Jackie Chan is obviously one on the top. “Whatever It Takes” whose mission is to leverage the publicity of over 700 celebrities and world leaders to address contemporary issues facing the world has recently launched a unique artwork campaign to raise fund for various projects for the betterment of various problems, upheavals and issues facing the 21st Century. The Asian Kung-Fu master Jackie Chan who has been charming global audiences with various King-Fu movies happens to be the celebrity that worked with “Whatever It Takes”, and the platform is one which is hard to resist for his fans and wine lovers.

Those who frequent the Signature Liquor Store at 39th & Cambie may have already brought a few of these wines home. If not yet, go to the French Wine section and look for the Bordeaux wine with Jackie Chan’s photo on the label. No, the wine is not made by him, nor from his vineyard. Though it is trendy and a somewhat a hobby for celebrities nowadays to own wineries, there’s no evidence or mention that Jackie owns one! But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the label itself is the artwork of this Asian sensation!

This fund-raising wine project steered by the “Whatever It Takes” was a collaboration with Jackie and Vicente Gandia, a Spanish winery founded in 1885 to create a collectible wine with artwork donated by Jackie Chan with the theme of “World Peace”. It is found in the French section of the liquor store simply because this indeed is a French wine from Bordeaux. Priced at an extremely reasonable $15, the strategy is to appeal to a wider audience, be them wine enthusiasts, Bordeaux fans or not. At this price, celebrity allure and curiosity drive will be in full swing, the hesitation to , celebrity followers, the hesitation to grab a bottle or two will be minimal. Bringing it to the dinner table as a conversation piece alone is worth the price!

Celebrity + charity = Jackie Chan artwork label

The tasting note for this wine would describe it as a medium-bodied wine with bouquets of roasted plum and sun-dried prune. On the palate, there is recognizable tannin and a hint of cedar and a slight touch of nutmeg. At $15 per bottle, of course it is not a high-end Bordeaux but a drinkable French wine with a feel-good aura. I do suggest decanting the wine for at least 3o minutes or more for better sips. Pair with heavier meat dishes such as dripping BBQ ribs, braised pork bellies and baked lamb shanks.

Kudos to Jackie Chan’s involvement and hope that his “World Peace” appeal would not fall on death ears!  Looking at what's happening in the world, praying for world peace is, after all, not a cliché anymore!