Lottery Singapore

The Singapore lottery, operated by state-owned Singapore Pools, is one of the most popular games in this country. It is an affordable and fun way to win money. You can play online or buy tickets from any location in the world.

Singapore Pools operates a variety of lotteries including 4D, Toto, and Singapore Sweep. The company also runs sports betting on cricket, football and horse racing.

Lottery Singapore has been running since 1968, and it is the only legal lottery operator in Singapore. It has a portfolio of a number of different lotteries, and its games are regulated by the Tote Board.

In addition to lotteries, Singapore Pools also offers a number of other games that are popular with the local population. These include sports betting and general gambling.

The lottery industry is a lucrative one in Singapore, with over $9.2 billion being wagered by customers in the last financial year, according to the Tote Board. This amount is more than double the previous year’s total, The Straits Times reported in December 2022.

However, some people have been falling prey to scams. The most common type of scheme involves claiming lottery winnings by promising them large amounts of money or asking for money transfers. Police are recommending that victims use the ScamShield app and to avoid such scams.