Salt Tasting Room Brings Italian Gas Station Experience to Gas Town

A: 45 Blood Alley. Gas Town    T: 604.633.1912    W:salttastingroom.com

Having visited Italy last summer, the month-long Italian Gas Station Experience ( popular street food affair for motorists in Italy that attracts both locals and tourists) right here in Salt Tasting Room surely brings back sweet memories. We were able to head down to Gastown and recaptured that Italian feel last Saturday.

Glad that we did! Gastown's poetic character shines through even more so on wet winter days. Cobblestones glittering in the rain, pedestrians walking under colourful umbrellas, guests stepping out of a taxi and running inside...Blood Alley Square was a  movie frame in a nostalgic movie that afternoon!

This is the 2nd year Salt Tasting Room, famous for their cured meat, artisan cheese and wine, taps into happy hours every day in February the casual Italian Gas Station way. The best part? Order your beer and/or wine from 4 to 6pm, the nibbles from Urbani Food are on the house!

We looked at our watch and agreed at 4:20pm, a flight of 3X2 oz. each wine was just the drink to set the mood. Our previous experience at Salt told us not to worry about the wine choices but leave it at the hands of the capable floor staff, and that's what we did.

Henry opted for a flight of red: Riveting Pinot Noir, a reassuring Syrah; and an earthy and spicy Carmenere. For me, a sweet and lively Fizzante, a sensual and caressing Zanetta white and the same Carmenere. This gas station experience has already put a smile on our faces and a tingle in our tongue right from the start! While we're sipping wines, 4 complimentary tapas arrived. The fully loaded table with 6 glasses of wines and Urbani Food's artisan creations was indeed a delightful scene and a fabulous interlude for a late weekend afternoon.

Now let's talk food. I have never been a sausage fan but the Sous vide fresh sausage was simply sensational. Fresh was the perfect description, but I'd add fluffy and juicy with the right amount of meat and seasoning. I admit, it did change my opinion on sausages. Cheese was served as a sandwich - who could turn down a toasted cheese sandwich with multi-grain bread? As a huge risotto fan, the next two tapas were both risotto balls but somehow, Henry was the one who indulged them in record time.