How could you miss the 35th Vancouver International Wine Festival?

Henry Yuen (Chinese blog: http://taiyangbao.ca/author/henryyuen/?variant=zh-hans )

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The end of February brings to us Vancouver International Wine Festival, a colossal food and wine celebration that is getting bigger and better each year.   Now celebrating its 35th anniversary, the Vancouver International Wine Festival continues to hold true to its charity mandate.  With “Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival” as the fundraiser beneficiary, the city’s popular summer outdoor performance is not going to miss a beat.

When it comes to the 6-day long Wine Festival, most people seem to somehow focus mainly on the 3-evenings of International Festival Tasting (Feb 28 to Mar 02). Those whose been to other highlighting events will, however, tell you how delightful these experiences are! Do take a look at what the 35th Wine Festival has planned and treat yourselves to a different level of wine festival joviality.  

With so many wineries participating and all the 1850 wines available at the general tasting, it is difficult if not impossible to taste them all.  Pre-tasting planning and mapping is perhaps a must in order to achieve the best possible value sipping and swirling wine while walking down aisles and aisles of stations. Knowing what wines and varietals you like best, or concentrating regions or country is necessary. 176 wineries and thousands of wines are waiting; there is no shortage of wines to be sampled. You may as well take the most out of it instead of tasting too many to register. It is therefore wise to be choosy and reserve your palate for those wines you plan to taste. My suggestion – spend some time checking out the ‘must try’ wines on the list before you walk into the hall and do those first while your palates are still fresh and clean, then tackle the others accordingly!

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While the general tasting is a convenient way to taste a lot of wines, in-depth appreciation of wines offered at various wine seminars where wine experts discuss trends; the latest viticulture; winemaking techniques, and both interesting and educational specifications. Wine pairing dinners are close encounters with wineries principles and winemakers sharing and revealing all aspects of their wines.  Mind you, the food is always well-prepared, beautifully plates and goes perfect with the flight of wines. The other bonus – you’re amongst wine lovers!

If think you’re kind of or already are a food and wine explorer; perhaps wonder sometimes why the fuzz; or want to know how to perfect the food and wine pairing experience; the many different seminars and winemaker’s dinners will get you interested, aroused, or even feeling like an advanced wine fellow when you leave.wd-3

To make sure you are part of this fun, colourful, definitely enhancing and superbly tasty festival, go on-line to vanwinefest.ca to check out the programs and book your tickets, NOW! The wine region focus this year is California and the featured varietal Chardonnay.  Under this format, the Old World and New World wines will come together on the same platform during this exciting wine festival season.  The beloved California wines and charming Chardonnay are well represented and promise to give wines drinkers the true and deep appreciation they come to expect.