Four Seasons Hotel unveils the newly added Chinese Kitchen


The Chinese kitchen, lined with brand new equipments and a state-of-the-art traditional Chinese wok station, and the team from Grand Dynasty Restaurant who was cooking up magic in it, welcomed everyone in vogue. Decorated with gold and red satin tabular, vintage Chinese scrolls and posters, an 8-course Chinese dinner of the highest calibre, served western-styled, awed a small group of fortunate media, lucky for me being one of them!

Under the supervision of restaurant owner Louis Kong and the craftsmanship of Executive Chef Anthony Leung, the Grand Dynasty team showcased what Chinese culinary art is all about. This will be the team of excellence behind each and every Chinese banquet and event such as weddings, corporate functions and private celebrations at Four Seasons hotel. Such culinary partnership between Four Seasons Hotel and Grand Dynasty Restaurant is the very first of its kind in BC, if notCanada. Incoming bookings proves how effective and feasible such collaboration is, another fine example of whyVancouveris truly the food city where Chinese cuisine shines.

The evening’s dinner menu, a sample of what banquet Image

guests will be indulging into, was thoughtfully designed and each course divinely crafted.

The two appetizers were:

1/ Minced Squab Birds Nest cupped in a piece of lettuce cut like a small dish thrilled our palates with crunchiness and freshness. 

2/ Crispy Boneless Chicken Wings stuffed with Stir-fried Sticky Rice was a relentless dish to make - the deboning, the stir-frying of sticky rice, the stuffing, then the deep-frying, only a few of us would attempt doing it at home.

Next came the soup:

3/ Winter Melon and Birds Nest Soup: With the texture resembling cucumber and a subtly-sweet flavour, scrapped Winter melon fresh gave the soup a unique body. The touch of birds nest sensationalized each second of the devouring process.

The next three courses were all seafood-themed:

 4/ Braised Fresh Abalone – The firm yet velvety texture that some non-Asian palates find hard to take in, is in fact the integral part of Abalone’s seductive delicacy. The braising part, another challenging process for most home cooks, adds sophistication to this tasty ocean shelled jewel fromAustralia.  Chef Leung chose Pea shoots to complement the abalone.

5/ Sautéed  Signature Lobster, poached, shelled and wok-fried with green onions and ginger, was served on a bed of steamed egg-white.

6/ Steamed Cod, Chinese Ham and Mushroom is a classic banquet fish dish in which slices of cod, ham and Chinese mushroom are fanned out on the platter.  Here, it required fine-detailing and perfect timing when served on individual plates.

The carb dish – Seafood Rice with Abalone Sauce:

7/ The flat of rice, steamed in the huge, round stainless steel steamer is an old method but very common way to cook rice.  I was surprised but totally delighted to see it being done this way here tonight.  The medley of chopped seafood, seasoned with Abalone sauce, was poured onto the bed of rice, stirred and spooned into single bowls.  

The 8th course – Dessert Trio was created by the Hotel’s Pastry Chef, a fun and yum symbol of east meets west: Duck Egg Crème Brule, Kalamansi Fire Ball and Almond Curd with Mango & Lychee.