Talamonti Estate Winery

Talamonti Estate Winery

Talamonti, an estate winery in the Abruzzo wine region, is established in 2001, is currently harvesting from about 80 acres. It is a relatively young winery compared to other Italian wineries with easily over hundred years of history. However, this young winery is progressive in the winemaking and are already crafting delicious wines worthy of recognition.

Owner and sales director, Rodrigo Redmont, who speaks fluent English, shares the same passion and dedication about his wines.  He gives the terroir full credits being the major factor of success. Located in the Abruzzo wine region in central eastern Italy, Talamonti vineyards got influence from the Adriatic Sea to the east and the mountain range on the west side. With elevation in the 300 meter range, it is relatively high in elevation with hot days and cool nights while rain is frequent, strong wind prevent the moisture from lingering. Soil type is glacial gravel providing excellent drainage in slopes and hillsides. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano are the most common varietals in the region.

According the Rodrigo, being a new kid of the block, Talamonti benefits from the newer technology and equipment, for example, dry ice is used during transportation to preserve the freshness of the harvested grape during hot days. Yet, they are proud to carry on the strong traditions of the region’s winemaking philosophy. Another minor operational style similar to those employed in Bordeaux is that vineyard worker is assigned the responsibility of a certain plot of vineyard. They move up to manage more important plots based on performance so there is incentive to produce the best fruits from each plot. As explained by Rodrigo, Italian designation of DOC, DOCG or IGT mostly focus on terroir and tradition rather than on quality of wine itself.  Yes, the designation is important, but there are gems to be discovered for those who are willing to do some homework to seek out the less known regions or wines.    

Abruzzo may as yet a widely known wine region as compared to the likes of Chianti and Barolo, but the production volume is not small scale. The region has over 80,000 acres planted and produces over 40 million cases annually for both local and export markets. Judging from the various Italian and International wine awards garnered, Talamonti wines are a steal compared to wines of Chianti and Barolo!       

Tasting notes:
Talamonti Trebi 2015 is 100% Trebbiano d’Abruzzo that was harvested a bit later than usual to provide the substance while still fresh and light to drink. A fun wine with considerable length to grab your attention.

Trabocchetto 2015 is from a single vineyard of 10 year old vines and using 100% stainless steel tank to preserve the freshness. Juicy and bright acidity with refreshing citrus and lychee notes.
Talamonti Moda 2013 is lush and smooth with rose pedal, sweetness and spice in the back end. With 6 months aging, it provides the depth but is still fresh on the palate.
Tre Saggi 2013 is also from single vineyard of 45 year old vines. With nose of red berries and wild mushroom, the hint of oak adds to the concentration and smoothness on finish.
Please note: Above wines are below $20 with the Trebi value priced at $13.
Talamonti Kudos 2011
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is a blend of 70% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and 30% Merlot with oak aging on large 300 litres barrel for the first year and further oak aging for another year. This well-crafted Kudos is smooth and velvety. Hints of spices and leafy notes. With a very attractive price range of $20 - $25 range. This is a must have for any full body wine lovers.