Lunar New Year Recipes

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Six Fortune Fried Rice
3 Tbsp. cooking oil
2 eggs, beatened
1 tsp. chopped ginger
1 tsp. chopped garrlic
1/2 cup Edamame beans, shelled
2 Tbsp. corn kernals
2 Tbsp. carrots, 1/4" diced
2.5  tsp. sea salt
4 cups of cooked jasmine rice
2 Tbsp. green onion, 1/4" diced
1 tbsp. teriyaki sauce
1/2 tsp. granulated sugar
 Heat 1 tbsp oil in wok on high, add egg and scramble. Sprinkle in 1/2 tsp. salt and mix well. Transfer into a bowl and set aside.
 Return wok on high, heat remaining oil. Add ginger and garlic. Stir and brown lightly. Add Edamame, corn and carrots. Sprinkle in 1 tsp. salt. Stir and cook for 1 minutes. Add rice and remaining salt. Stir and cook for another minutes. Loosen rice with the spatula if needed. Add green onion, teriyaki sauce, remaining salt and sugar. Mix well. Add scrambled egg, stir and cook for another minute.

Braised shiitake mushrooms (photo credit - T&T)

Wok-fried Lomien Noodle of Longevity
(Serves 4 to 6)
1 tsp salt
4 tsp vegetable oil
4 thinly sliced ginger, julienne thinly (optional)
1 363 gm of dried Lomein noodle, untied and loosened
2 pcs. T&T dried shitake mushroom, rinse and soak in hot water for at least 30  minutes or until softened. Remove stems and julienne thinly.
1 cup julienned carrot
2 cups. bean sprouts, rinsed and drained
1 200 gm. pkg. Enoki Mushroom, cut off  1.5" off top, loosened
2 tbsp. oyster sauce
1 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. sugar
Pinch of salt
1 cup. chives, cut into 2" lengths
 Fill a large pot with 1/2 pot of water, bring to a boil, add salt and 1 tsp. oil. Add noodle. Cook for 4 - 5 minutes, empty pot into a strainer place under tap. Rinse well with cold water. Drain well.
 Heat remaining oil in a wok on high. Add ginger, carrot, bean sprouts, shitake and enoki mushrooms. Stir and cook for 1 minute. Add noodle and chives. Mix well. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and salt. Stir and cook for 1 - 2 minutes. 
6 fortune Sweet Soup of Harmony
Serves 4 - 6
A sweet soup served to the grandparents/parents/elders of the family in the morning of the New Year after the
tea ceremony is also served as a dessert for dinner.
6 cups water
1/4 cup barley, rinsed and soak in 1 cup of water for 30 minutes.
1/4 cup dried longan, rinsed
1 pkg fresh lotus seeds (available in vacuum packs in the fresh produce section)
2 cup fresh papaya cubes
8 pc. canned water-chestnuts, halved
2 Tbsp room temperature Gojoy freshly frozen'Superfood' gojiberries, (available in vacuum packs)
2 brown sugar sticks
⦁ In a medium saucepan, bring 6 cups water, the cup of barley with water, longan and lotus seeds to a boil on high.
⦁ Turn heat to low, cook for 10 minutes
⦁ Add papaya and water chesternut. Return to high heat and bring to a boil.
⦁ Turn heat to medium low, cook for 5 minutes.
⦁ Reduce to medium low heat. Add sugar. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes or until sugar is completed melted.
⦁ Stir well. Return to high heat. Add gojiberries.
⦁ Bring soup to a gentle boil. Turn off heat. Ready to serve.