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Dine Out Vancouver 2017


Being a foodie in a city loaded with restaurants and F&B event is never easy. Deciding where to go what to do are only part of the challenges. Yet, for any self-claimed foodies, there are certain events that are 'Musts', the ongoing Dine Out Vancouver is a solid example. For visitors coming in town just to eat and drink, Dine Out is on the top of their lists.

Imagine $20/$30/$40 3-course menus from 300+ restaurants. Picture daily eat and drink events of different themes and styles. Imagine mingling with chefs and wine-makers....

For those of you who always look for more than a sit-down dinner, check these out: 1 event, multiple restaurants, different food styles:
Dine Out Brunch Crawl East Village
Saturday January 28
Registration: 9:30-10:30am
Registration location: The Waldorf Hotel
Event time: 10am - 2pm
Details: http://vancouverfoodster.com/2016/12/07/east-village-brunch-crawl-on-january-28/
Dine Out Brunch Crawl Yaletown
Sunday January 29
Registration: 9:30-10:30am
Registration location: Rocanini Coffee
Event time: 10am - 2pm
Details: http://vancouverfoodster.com/2016/12/09/yaletown-brunch-crawl-on-january-29/

Besides sit-in dinners at over 300 participating restaurants, there are a host of themed events catering to those seeking unique culinary adventures. There are no shortage of fun and educational events with emphasis on "drinks".  Surely, most participating restaurants do provide suggestions for wine pairing, those specially designed  Dine Out drink events are as intriguing. For example, The Hawksworth’s "Side Dishes" is a long table dinner with  the sommeliers and suppliers as the hosts. The sommeliers will showcase their expertise and divulge the secret as to why certain wines are worthy of pouring at the dinner. "The Grape Debate" at UBC is a great discussion on various wine making techniques in terms of using of stainless steel tanks, oak barrels, clay vessels and concrete tanks, followed by an on-hand wine tasting session of wines using these four different fermentation vessels as comparison.  "Medina Down Under" at Café Medina is a 4-course feast where Australian wines take centre stage. Both The Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar at the Sutton Place Hotel and The Hart House Restaurant in Burnaby salute to BC Wine industry with the "Explore BC Wine Brunch" featuring 4 top BC wineries each pouring two extraordinary wines.  will be poured by each of the four top BC wineries for this relaxing stand-up, mingle style brunch.  Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio feature pour a mixture of BC and Old World wines with their 3 course Dine Out menu.