The Reputed Nota Bene from Black Hills Estate Winery

Words: Henry Yuen

What makes a winery and vineyard successful or a wine popular? We may learn about strategic analysis, decision making and other fundamental management theories in business schools, but at the end, the ultimate discussion still evolves around identifying the critical factors, the dos and don'ts that break or make the business. The identification process will no doubt involve number-pinching,  charting, research and statistical analysis; but more often than not, intuition, experiences and common sense play a major role in the process and over-rides methodological calculation and theoretical measurements. Yet, these are only part of the formula.

In the wine business, everything reverts to the wine in the bottle at the end. To no one's surprise, finding the right terroir and selecting the appropriate varietals to plant are the keys; since optimizing fruit quality is essential for making outstanding wines. The latest news that Black Hills Syrah just won "Double Gold" in The 14th Six Nations Wine Challenge at Sydney, Australia is not just the latest accolade but a clear-cut distinction. This Australian wine show uses an international judging panel to compare the very best wines from six countries: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Canada and the US, to grab double gold in such a worthy competition tells the world how paramount BC's wines can be, exemplified by Black Hills products. An awarded fine wine with a label and the punchline marketing strategy that resonates with wine fans is a solid way to raise the popularity bar, more so for those of the new wine world. Their Syrah and reputed Nota Bene are obvious examples.