Gelato and Berries - Foodie on Foot

1/Buffalo Milk Icecream at Bella Gelateria
Two locations:
a) Coal Harbour (1001 West Cordova) 
b) Yaletown - 1089 Marinaside Crescent.
It is Currently being served only in Napa Valley’s famous French Laundry Restaurant and other Californian restaurants, buffalo gelato was the creation of  Andrew Zlot who started making it in his Double 8 Dairy in Napa Valley in 2012, and was named one of the best new foods in America in 2014 by Esquire Magazine.
Now in Vancouver, Bella Gelateria is offering its Gelato di Bufala in both the Yaletown and Coal Harbour locations in the following flavours: lemon, chocolate, fior di Latte (flower of milk) and white coffee.

Bella Gelateria is an internationally award-winning gelateria. They make everything from scratch every day, using the best and freshest local or global ingredients, and preserving the true artisanship of old-world handcrafted gelato. They were the first in North America to use classic gelato machinery advocating slow process and small artisanal batches.
Owner and maestro gelatiere James Coleridge was named International Gelato Master of the Year in 2014 by the International Fair of Artisan Gelato (MIG), won the Gelato World Tour North America the same year, and was the double gold winner at the 2012 Florence Italy Gelato Festival.

Gelato di Bufala Facts:
Local: Made of fresh water buffalo milk from Abbotsford dairy farmer Casie Prium.
Healthier alternation to cow’s milk: 37 per cent more iron, 58 per cent more calcium, 40 per cent more protein, 43 per cent less cholesterol, less sodium and more vitamin A.
Friendlier: It has been said that many people who are intolerant to cow’s milk have found they can consume buffalo milk.
Colour perfect: Buffalo milk is whiter then cow milk, because buffalos do not produce the yellow pigment in their diet, so it is porcelain white.
Less is better: A water buffalo produces about 15 lbs (or approximately 7L) of milk daily compared to a dairy cow that can produce more than 50 lbs (or approximately 23 L).
Natural: No cream added because of the natural buttermilk from the buffalo. It contains no refined white sugar.

2/ U-Pick Berries at Krause Berry Farms
6179 - 248 Street, Langley. 604-856-5757 www.krauseberryfarms.com

Opens daily from 8:30am to 5pm.
200 acres of yum and fun for anyone and everyone. Special arrangement can be made for groups, just book ahead of time.
-U-pick berries - rasberries are in for the picking!
-Family fun field
-Kids playing area
-Porch Restaurant. Creamery. Cookies Kitchen. The Fudgery. KB Corral
-Picnic area

My experience:  Bring buckets/plastic bins to be filled with berries your picked. Browse the market for artisan goodies made locally. Go as early as you can to make it a full day of farm-charm experience. Go hungry so you can enjoy fresh-made waffles, peach pies and assorted savoury items, and grab an ice-cream on your way back to the car! Adults - the fruit wines are waiting to be sniffed and tasted...