Marquis Wine Cellar speeds up Bordeaux Futures

Words: Henry Yuen

People lining up outside the Cambie & 39th government signature liquor store for a chance to purchase newly released Bordeaux wines is a Vancouver phenomena.  With camping gears to survive the night, some even start the night before. There are those who are paid by the “elites” to lineup for them. All these, for the precious few bottles of revered and much sought after Bordeaux wines which are assumed to be highly rated premium quality wines from famous Chateaus with worldwide reputation and recognition. These are rare wines believed to be of excellent cellaring potential and only a limited quantity are allocated to BC, hence are high-demand collector’s items! The trend says the value of these wines will escalate over time, and wine enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for them. The other satisfaction? It’s a bragging right to have these wines in your cellar! They are regarded as good investments for those whose purchase purpose has nothing to do with wine consumption.

Little do they know, instead of going through the hassles and the mad rush, all they have to do is go check out the Bordeaux Futures at Marquis Wine Cellar. For those who are interested in stocking up certain Bordeaux Grand Cru but do not fancy about the line up frenzy at the government liquor store, the Bordeaux Futures program organized by Marquis is ideal since your desired Bordeaux wines will soon be yours without the bustle and inconvenience.

The certainties of this program are many.  John Clerides, owner of Marquis Wine Cellar, travels to Bordeaux annually to barrel sample and pick wines worthy of inclusion into his Bordeaux Future list. From famous Bordeaux producers such as Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lefite Rothschild and Chateau Mouton Rothschild to lesser known wineries, all wines on the list are highly rated and will not disappoint. Secondly, if a certain vintage is deemed to be a sub-par year, he doesn’t run a Bordeaux Futures program for that year. When Marquis runs a Bordeaux Futures, it’s a strong indication the vintage is good and worthy of investing in the wines. It was 5 years ago in 2011 when they last ran the programme! Thirdly, chances that your order could be filled completely are great for early birds who can ignore the allocation restriction at government liquor store . By ordering the 2014 vintage to be released in 2017 now, you can invest in excellent quality wines whose value would have already increased by the time you take possession in 2017. Finally, with Marquis’s connection to the wineries, they can also source other great Bordeaux wines on your behalf!

There is no minimum purchase requirement so regardless of whether it’s one bottle or multi cases, all orders are welcomed. You can spend little or a lot depending on budget and the kind of investment you want to put in. Your allocation is guaranteed once you submit your payment! 

Marquis Wine Cellars: 1034 Davie Street, Vancouver. 604-684-0445 www.marquis-wine.ca