Holiday Cheers

Henry Yuen

Photo caption:
The winner of the prestigious 2015 Premier's Wine 

Heading into December, one can anticipate a line-up of events and parties: company functions, holiday celebrations and family gatherings - lots of gift-giving and wine-pouring opportunities for sure. Wine lovers enjoy doing some homework in order to select and purchase right for both the gift-giving purpose as well as stocking up the wine cellars. It's also the time to have a good look at home cellars to pull out and share some of their precious collections with loved ones to elevate the joy of holiday celebrations.

What better time to indulge into the fine wines of the world and embrace this festive mood?  Opening one or few bottles for family members and close friends, perhaps with great food and wine stories to tell is often part of the conversation. While the wine preference is subject to different reasons such as the budget, wine availability and taste profiles, there is nevertheless no right or wrong in one’s selection.

I don’t think one should get away from flavourful and refreshing sparkling wines to kick off any event, be it personal, family or business. "Champagne anyone?" guarantees to be a crowd pleaser as a welcoming drink and even for the whole event, since only a few would turn it down. May be a bottle of Dom Perignon to make a splashing impression? Do let your budget guide you since there is no real pressure or thumb rules on the price ranges but if you can afford it, a price tag of $70 and more will keep your guests pretty happy.

Having said that, champagne is not the only option. Good selections of sparkling wine from the Old World and BC’s very own. The Segura Viudas from Spain won’t break the bank and is of consistent quality year after year. If you like a slightly sweeter style, Prosecco from Italy would not disappoint and very budget friendly too.

Closer to home, Summerhill Pyramid Winery has a whole range of delicious biodynamic sparkling wines to offer. Another long-time local sparkling wine favourite is the Brut from Blue Mountain Vineyards and Cellar. Sumac Ridge’s Steller Jay is also a popular choice. For those who manage to get 2015's BC Wine Awards Premier wine winner - Jackson Triggs' Entourage Grand Reserve Brut 2010, consider yourselves the lucky ones.