Argentina Wine Proudly Presents Malbec

Argenina Malbec

Words/Pix: Henry Yuen

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Three weeks ago, Wines of Argentina celebrated Malbec, their flagship varietal, with 70 events in 50 countries around the world. Such magnitude of world-wide celebration indicated one thing --- Argentina wineries do know, and proudly so, their Malbec! No doubt an excellent promotional and marketing campaign that raises the profile and fame of this varietal, it also draws wine lovers to pay more attention and appreciation.  For example, most wine consumers now recognize Malbec as the predominant and widely grown varietal in Argentina and vice versa. This is a mega achievement for any wine-producing country.

First brought over from France in 1852, it thrives in the Argentina soil and climate. In fact Argentina has the world’s highest acreage of Malbec planted with Mendoza being the largest growing region at about 66,000 acres.  Winemakers there enjoy showcasing Malbec as the dominant and singular grape varietal in the bottle instead of hidden away in a blend. More often than not you can find 100% Malbec wines. Go to the Argentina section of any wine store, sure enough you can find a Malbec easily. The prominent “Malbec “wine label makes it easy for consumers to find.  Competitive price points for different tiers of Argentina Malbec remain so around the world.  All these prove favourable to help the sales and marketing of this varietal.

Argentina Malbec on shelf

The medium to full bodied structure and the taste profile of blackberry, cherry, plum and licorice are savoured by most wine drinkers of Argentina Malbec. It has rather softer tannins and comparatively higher acidity offering juicy mouthfeel and lengthy stay; all are good reasons why Malbec is one of the popular varietals attracting both male and female wine lovers to gravitate with a wide range of food. It pairs nicely with BBQ meats that Argentina is famous for; goes well with slow-baked short-ribs and casseroles; even goes well with moderately-spiced (not hot) S.E. Asian fares and Chinese clay-pot stews. Argentina Malbec has obviously been gaining traction to be one of the household varietals among wine lovers.

Dish & Dazzle

The annual high calibre event raises fund for BC Hospitality Foundation,  a non-profit organization supporting initiatives and events related to the hospitality industry such as offering scholarships and bursaries to culinary and sommelier students, financial aids to sick or injured members and  providing various supports to different worthy causes related to the industry.

When: May 07 Thursday

Time:  6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Convention Centre East

Argentina Mendoza criollo 2012 char

Riding on the success of the International Wine Festival and Eat!Vancouver, Dish & Dazzle promises to pamper your taste buds with exceptional food & wine pairing one more time. With 34 wineries from Argentina participating, the event will showcase over 90 premium Argentinian wines to go with decadents prepared by 12 well known BC restaurants. Live music, cocktail competition, raffles tickets and silent auction will round out the great evening.

If purchaser 6 or more tickets, the ticket price of $69 + service charge for this annual event offer great value for attendees. Good fun, good food & wine and good music will make this fundraising evening a not to be missed event in town. Please get your tickets early at www.dishndazzle.com and I’ll see you there.