Quails’ Gate Estate Winery

Words: Henry Yuen

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qgpinotnoirThe very first stop of an Okanagan winery tour years ago? Quails’ Gate it was, and I remember it very well!

A glass of well chilled Chenin Blanc was offered once we got off the tour bus – yummy and refreshing! The citrus and Asian fruit aroma, followed by luscious mouth feel, grabbed my attention upon the liquid touching my tongue; it instantly perked up my senses! Back then, the only word came into mind at that moment was “wow!” That ‘wow’ sensation indubitably left a good impression of Quail’s Gate and what Okanagan VQA wine quality was all about.

Over the years there are plenty occasions to taste their wines and I have yet to be disappointed. The fact that Quails’ Gate constantly selects varietals most suitable for their vineyards terroir and thus enabling the harvest of good quality grapes through the years has always been hard-core effort but also very productive. Viticulture management of the vines and vineyards is an ongoing progress at the forefront while efforts to respect the land and reduce the impact on the environment are   employed simultaneously. The terroir-based wine making philosophy to plant grapes best suitable for the soil, topography and weather proves to be a fruitful endeavour. 

Quail's Gate ChardFlash back to the present day. With 180 acres of vineyards scattered around the OkanaganValley, they are now able to expand their labels to include other popular varietals. Besides the impressive and award winning Stewart Family Reserve Pinot Noir and other specialty labels, there is always the well-crafted Chardonnay, the refreshing Chenin Blanc and the classic Old Vines Foch. Adding to this line-up is their delicious and well-balanced acidity Riesling, the aromatic Gewurztraminer and the fully-structured Merlot.

The Family Reserve Pinot Noir has seductive red berries bouquet laced with currant and plum and a slight hint of smokiness. The mouth feel is round and decorated with a touch of herb and spices in the midrange followed by a silky smooth finish. If you want to experience a well-crafted Okanagan Valley Chardonnay, look no further than the Family Reserve Chardonnay. The attractive fruity note of pear and vanilla with a mellow palate and a subtle but satisfying buttery finish defines its distinctive Okanagan Valley Chardonnay as opposed to the California big, fatty Chardonnay.

The family objectives and wine making motto to craft wines that manifest the best of the BC interior grapes and wine-making characteristics remains truly the same here but after all these years, Quails’ Gate has successfully developed as one of the special places for BC wines lovers of the world to congregate the enjoyment of some of the best wines Okanagan Valley has to offer.