Cachè - A hidden gem in Yaletown

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Stephanie Yuen

Seldom do I visit the same restaurant twice within 10 days, yet it happened last week. The restaurant, Cachè Bistro & Lounge, is a new kid in Yaletown, opened about a year ago.  It could be the very simple yet creative but unpretentious food style, could be the weekend jazz, or perhaps the concordant conversation and free-spirited laughter, the place reminds me so much of the movie “Midnight in Paris”. Let me go back to the first evening.

With our dear friend Bosco Henry & I went there for the first time last Tuesday.  We shared amongst us work stories, wines and multi-courses. Tuesday is a commonly quieter week night for restaurants, so we rolled the evening at a leisure pace as we sipped the wine, cracked up jokes while indulging into Chef Alex’s made-public French cuisine (he used to run a private dinner club at his home Kitchen).  Started off with a handsome wood-board of cheese, charcuterie and Chef’s home-made orange confit, onion jam, fig puree and poached apricot.  A perfect cold plate to share and to warm up the appetite, and with a glass of Tinhorn Merlot ’09 in hand, we took our time. When Manager Hunk removed the board and the merlot, the Foie Gras on house brioche, Escargot in flaky pastry and the PEI mussels paraded onto the table.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignleft" width="258"]A good beginning A good beginning[/caption]

  For main, we shared the double-rolled Seafood Crepe, an order of exotic Lamb Rack and Seared Duck Breast drizzled with blueberry demi. To my delight, the seafood, the lamb and the duck were all local products.  We had a silver tree of mango & chocolate for dessert.

 Duck Breast







Came Saturday, Henry wanted to go and listen to live jazz there and I desired for both – the jazz and the French food.  There’s drizzles in the air when we parked our car and walked through crowds of weekend fun-seekers towards Cachè.  Jazz this evening was both music and songs performed by a couple of young brothers who took the room back to the 30’s and 40’s – so mellow and so much fun!  Thanks to an early light dinner we intended to make room for more food at Cache`, we opted for the wood-board of cheese and charcuterie to go with the wine and the light and cheerful rhythm, and an order of garlic toast on the side. While my finger was busy digging into the cheese and meat, my feet were swaying to the young chaps’ easy-going guitar drumming. The night got even better when my dessert order Crepe Suzette – golden, aromatic, thin and fluffy with the right amount of sweetness – showed up. What a splendid way to enjoy a Saturday evening - more jazz please!     

Cachè lines up their evenings with all sorts of fun menu offerings and entertaining programs. Go online and check out their early dinner special, their $35 3-course dinner ($12 wine-flight), and their weekend Brunch menu.  March is the ‘$9.95 Lobster Mania‘, best to make a reservation, from what I have been told, every night is an early sold-out! 

Coming up in April is the ‘Welcome to Spring’ - Cache’s first Wine-paired dinner - hosted by Chef Alex and Henry Yuen, our very own Wine Columnist! An authentic French rabbit dish will be the entrée. This 5-course wine-paired French dinner completed with complimentary reception cocktail for $85 all-inclusive, and only 30 seats are available! Well, what’re you waiting for?

Cache` Bistro & Lounge

1269 Hamilton Street, Vancouver. 604- 558-1269   www.cachebistro.com