It’s autumn at Le Parisien

Stephanie Yuen

Stepping into the warm and welcoming dining room of the neighbourhood restaurant from the rain in a wet, gloomy evening seems like a clip from a feel-good movie. That was exactly how I felt the other night as I pushed the door and found myself inside the affable Le Parisien - a hungry soul yearning for a good time with friends and a tableful of hearty food!   

November in the west coast means single-digit temperature and lots of rain – ah, the season for comfort food, those that remind you of food your mom, aunties and grandma cook for the family.

Take for instance, the Beef Tongue “Pastrami” with Gribiche Sauce (Mayonnaise-style sauce made with hard-boiled egg) or the Cirspy Braised Pigs Trotter with Lentils, Frisee Salad in Ginger Vinaigrette. When was the last time you bite into sheet-thin beef tongue and a medallion of golden pig trotter that went though hours of preparation and braising?  Lucky me, this evening, right here at John Blakeley’s homey restaurant, I had both, and each bite was drenched with full flavour.

But there were more!

A plate of Smoked Herring and Warm Potato Salad came first to brush us up. Smoked Herring may not be on everyone’s food list, but who can say no to potato salad!

The Mimosa Salad of Butter Lettuce and Egg refreshed our palates.  As the evening proceeded with interesting conversations of local news, fun jokes and Hollywood gossips; we spoiled ourselves heartily with beautiful wines and a parade of not-too-usual classic French cooking.

Our main – The enthralling Sole Farcie dressed with Tarragon Cream delivered such aroma, we all took a deep breath. The meat is so moist and tender, all you can hear were ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’! The Crepe, painted with dripped chocolate, fresh berries and cream, agreeably took the evening to another high note!  As we said our goodbyes, we all agreed we have to do this again, soon!

On top of a Three-course menu for $29.00, Le Parisien also presents The Nasty Bits Volume for the month of November.  Go to their website to check out the menu and to reserve a table.

Le Parisien   http://www.leparisien.ca

751 Denman Street, Vancouver.