Romantic Tenthouse Suites By The Sea


Stephanie Yuen

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Summer is officially here. Too bad the sun still plays the hide-and-seek game with British Columbians.  Gloomy weekend calls for a relaxing indoor stay: play one or two board games, nibble on chocolates and snacks; and sip a glass or two of wine by the fire place…  And, if this happens to be inside the Tenthouse Suite at Rock Water Secret Cove Resort over atSunshineCoast, I can guarantee you the weekend will be as splendid as any sunny weekend spent under the golden ray.

Sunshine Coast, the name itself is already an invitation to having a good time! Could be a bonfire at the beach, camping by a river, a leisure afternoon by the pool, or perhaps a spa getaway in a luxurious resort. The 40-min only ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay validates the invitation, the very reason why Sunshine Coast has always been a hot vacation spot, more so during the summer months. 

Rock Water Secret Cove Resort, apparently a secret no more, happens to be a very popular holiday retreat for vacationers of all ages, and families too.  Activities such as boating, beachcombing and yoga at morn and dawn, swimming in the pool, hiking, biking, even take a water shuttle to the nearby Thormanby Island for an exploration are parts of the fun.  For those who want nothing but a relaxing holiday, simply stay in, read a book, listen to music or the waves, then walk over to the restaurant at mealtime.  The restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon Image

Located atSunshineCoast’sHalfMoonBay, the resort captures both the magnificent ocean view and the lush green and rustic hillside woodland.  Near the ocean front are cabins, poolside rooms, ocean view rooms, a gorgeously-designed swimming pool, the office and a gourmet restaurant. But it is the Boardwalk stretch leading to a dozen or so enchanting ‘Tenthouse Suites’ that is the highlight on the property.


The Boardwalk composes of a wooded path curving along the hillside.  It looks like a nature trail decorated by breathtaking ocean view, trees and shrubs. The main purpose of this path is of course as the walkway to the Tenhouse Suites, but resort guests enjoy the picturesqe hike as part of the outdoor activities as well. Built amongst trees and slopes; and resembling royal Arabian tent dwellings, the very sturdy tenthouses with front porches are covered with off-white heavy-duty military canvas materials – fancy, unique and welcoming, these suites have been in high demands ever since they were erected. Image

Posh design, beddings and furnishing greet guests inside each tenthouse.  Equipped with bathroom and fireplace, the layout of the suite offers comfort and coziness. With starlit sky and dreamy rhythm of the waves, there is no other suite as romantic as these tenthouses. No wonder many newly-weds come here for their weddings, return for their anniversaries and getaways; others come here for their honeymoon and undisturbed holidays.  

Do make reservations, as early as you can please, especially during the wedding seasons.