Playhouse International Wine Festival - An excellent venue to upgrade your wine appreciation

  Henry Yuen

A better understanding of things in life often help elevate our appreciations of them. Be it arts, music, sports or merchandize. Tiny as jems and watches and large as automobiles and carvings, once you develop an interest in them; you’ll likely want to learn more to enhance the joy of understanding and appreciating them. When it comes to food and wine, there is no difference.

As far as I’m concerned, wine appreciation takes time to fine-tune. But it has a humble beginning! From not interested, to taking a small sip, to having a small glass with food, to the keen interest of finding out what it is with white, rose and red wine. It can become a hobby to many whose level of understanding advances through the timid attempts to pour a bit more, go shopping for wine, try different labels, and put in the effort to acquire more wine knowledge. Whether it is formal learning through wine classes and accredited programs, or self-taught through reading and drinking different wines with an open mind, they are all approaches to arrive at the same objective as a result of ones’ endeavour -  to enhance the elated enjoyment of sipping wine!

Similar to a lot of disciplines, appreciating wines takes time and effort. It is very much an individual thing where different person will achieve different satisfaction from the same effort or undertaking.  As long as you show initial interest and take the first step, the process will take care of itself. More often than not, there is no right or wrong. However, there are always venues to smooth that process to satisfy one’s own desire in wine enjoyment.

If you are in the same mind frame of mine, the upcomingVancouverPlayhouse International Wine Festival is one function where there are amply events to proliferate the appreciation of wines. Grab a friend or two who want to learn more about wine and wine-pairing, pick one or two winemaker’s dinners to attend.  Join wine tasting sessions and seminars to capture the opportunities to discuss wines with famous winemakers, winery proprietors around the world.  Touch not just the wines, but the philosophy of winemaking, the ins and outs of grapes and vines, the soils and terrain. 

Once you understand how the vines are tended to carefully; how the viticulturist takes the appellation and climate into consideration; how the winemaker use their experience and skill to craft the wine, you will enjoy that particular bottles of wine more dearly!