My first Asian-recipe cookbook - East Meets West

Stephanie Yuen









My sincere thanks to the chefs and friends who never stop to send me their encouragements and supports from day 1, and to my colleagues,  friends in the hospitality industry and readers who want to know when and how to get hold of a copy! You are the true inspiration!

Well, here is the information!

Official book title: East Meets West

Traditional and Contemporary Asian Recipes from Acclaimed Vancouver Restaurants


March, 2010 came the first email from Lucy, Senior Editor at Douglas & McIntyre inviting me to meet with her to discuss a book project. The luncheon meeting took place soon after. Yes, we agreed that it’s time for the great food cityVancouver to dedicate a cookbook to local Asian restaurants and chefs!  We agreed to meet to discuss further details upon my return from a working trip to Hong Kong andMalaysia in May.

June, 2010: Lucy and I met again and drafted out a synopsis for the book. And that, officially kicked off my 20-month long book project – the 200+ pages cookbook!

July, 2010: Embarked on a recipe-seeking journey. Many desired recipes, including regional ones were those I tasted and always enjoyed, some are signature dish, some are newly-created master pieces.

September, 2010:  Sent out verbal and/or email invitations to Asian chefs for their favourite recipes and to Western chefs for their unique Asian-themed recipes. As a matter of fact, quite a few recipes were obtained through way of stenography - chef dictated and I scripted! Love chatting with the chefs who gave me tons of cooking tips!

October, 2010: Visited restaurants and chefs to deliver the invitations in person. Though there were more than expected refusals, there're lots of welcoming smiles and opened-arms.

November, 2010: Received the first lot of recipes and started working on the  editorial and recipe-testing.  Thank goodness, my kids and their friends, neighbours and their friends were always-ready tasters! 

The rest, as they say, is history!!

While online pre-order is already available, ‘East Meets West’ will be published April, 2012.