Special Holiday gifts for food, art and/or craft lovers

A) Gifts from ‘One of a kind’ artisans and artists This weekend at Vancouver Convention Centre West

Besides the gourmet aisle showcasing home-made food products, from spreads and spices, to vinegars and chocolates, look for more than edible flavours in thisYears, the largest yet One of a Kind Vancouver. Talk to the artists, see some of them at work and be amazed at their craftsmanship and creative minds!

Kay Wong uses aromatic natural essential oil to make hand-made bath and body care products in her townhouse that’s why you can find her in her ‘The Other Eden’ booth at the Oneofakind Show.

Mally Designs of Mission, BC, creator of the original leather baby bib, shows and sells a few practical leather gifts at booth E17. The warm pastel-coloured bibs, however, catch most of the attention.  The reversible bibs with a food-catch pocket on one side and magnetic snaps at the back are not only functional, they are very durable too!          

And there are much more! Painters and carpenters, jewelers and fashion designers…oh, do bring a shopping bag – arts and beauty are hard to resist!


B) Sakekasu edibles  from Artisan Sake

1339 Railspur Alley,GranvilleIsland,Vancouver. 604-685-7253 www.artisansakemaker.com

Chocolates - who doesn’t get at least a box or two throughout the holidays? But katsu truffles? Bet most of your foodie friends have yet to try them.

Masa Shiroki, the one and only Artisan sake maker inWestern Canada, is more than a sake buff but a culinary crafter as well. He is the mastermind in creating many recipes using kasu (fermented rice residues) obtained from his sake-making brewery.  And yes, he keep coming up with some daring recipe ideas using  kasu: Citrus dressing, cherry drinks and his newest creation - kasu-filled truffles which he appropriately named kasu bonbons to refer to the European French sweets and dipped chocolate goodies. 

These decadent bonbons, bursting with a good doze of fermented wine flavour that brings a naughty note to the bonbons, are made with sakekasu, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin and natural vanilla, dairy-free so even those lactose-intolerants can enjoy them!

So head out toGravilleIsland, create your own holiday kasu-goodie bags and don’t forget those kasu bonbons.