Dragon Feast of The Century

Stephanie Yuen

You have no idea how elated I am to witness Chef Clarence Ma and the British Columbia Chefs Association Dragon Culinary Team taking centre stage at the ‘Dragon Feast of The Century’, where hundreds of Canadian chefs and delegates gathered, as a capturing part of the recent CCFCC Conference 2011 programs.

What a milestone for Chinese culinary development inCanada! 

With a magnificient dragon ice-carving as the centre piece, crafted onsite by the Principle of Shanghai Institute of Hospitality & Culinary Arts Master Gui Sheng Zhang, shining in the dining room, the luncheon kick off with a pulled-noodle demonstration.  Executive Dimsum chef Garley Leung of Dynasty Restaurant here in Vancouver magically turn a chunk of dough into strands of noodles in a flash. And then the Dragon Feast begins.

16 Chinese chefs from local restaurants team up to prepare 7 east meets west courses, each one an epitome of the chefs’ culinary craftmanship and brilliant teamwork, just take a look at the menu: 

A double-up appetizer dish: Drunken Squab Breast and Arctic Cha Nanjing Style

Dungeness Crab & Lobster in Jade Purse

BraisedFraserValleyDuck Breast, Empress Style

Tenderloin Teaser in Filigree Cup

Yin Yang Steamed Eggplants

Seafood Siu Bang (Savory pastry)

Longevity Date Cake (Jelly-custard cake made with dates)

For those who could not make it to this one of a kind lunch combining Canadian products and authentic Chinese culinary arts, the menu may not tell you what those beautifully plated courses are.  But for those 500+ guests, the Dragon Feast is an eye-opener, a palate-gratifier and most of all, a precious opportunity to embrace the notorious Chinese food scene of Vancouver.

Bravo to Chef Ma, the host of the Dragon Feast and the BCAA Dragon Culinary Team of 16 chefs! They are the true ambassadors who worked so hard to present such a wonderful meal to showcase to the chefs of the world the different regions and styles of Chinese cookery in a grand manner.

[caption id="attachment_954" align="alignright" width="243" caption="Chef Clarence Ma and Marcus Von Albrech t welcome everyone to the Dragon Feast"][/caption]

What’s next for Chef Ma who implemented, planned, assembled and hosted the Dragon Feast?  “I am working on a Red Seal program for Chinese chefs,’ says Chef Ma, “This is my vision and my mission!” For someone who is a restaurant consultant, had been a Culinary Instructor for many years, a mentor to many young chefs and restaurateurs since he first stepped foot in Vancouver, BC in the late 1970’s, he has never stopped believing that culinary arts has no language and geographic boundaries, that Chinese chefs can and should reach the rest of the world in terms of culinary culture and enjoyment.