The Real Canadian Caravan of Yum

Stephanie Yuen

I’m not a hamburger fan, possibly due to the mess I make every time when I bite into the burger while struggling to hang on to the stack with my small hands.  The result is often discouraging, only the patty and torn segments of the bun end up in my mouth while everything else drops onto the plate or table.

Fortunately for me, there are those inviting mini-burgers they call sliders! 

Petite like canapés, attractive like delicate sandwiches,  a lot easier to manage for ladies, these cute sliders have the look, the meat and the fixings like burgers, but more enticing and easier for the stomach! For hungry souls, grab a few more, be creative, have some fun with different toppings and sauces!

So when President Choices threw their first outdoor summer party to kick off their 2011 Summer Tour, I was so there, on time!  You see, President Choices does make great sliders using beef briskets, which give the sliders the juiciness and good texture, and at a great price too ($6.99 for a box of 18).

But boy, what greeted me was a colourful, eye-catching, outdoor party created by the President Choices caravan made up of a beverage station, a BBQ station and an Ice-cream truck. A real Canadian caravan of yum I say!

At the BBQ station, besides sliders served in mini square ciabatta buns, there were mini sausages tucked in cute and fluffy sliced mini buns, along with all the trimmings and sauces. There were coleslaws tossed with Asian dressing; Moroccan couscous salad  mixed with dried fruits and nuts, and Middle Eastern kofka lamb mini-skewers.  Yes, these gourmet sandwiches may be mini, but they are full-blown delicious and so easy to handle!

Of course I dropped by the ice-cream truck and helped myself to a couple new flavours and fell in love with the pink lemonade one and the chocolate icecream sandwiches!  What a sweet and cool way to enjoy a summer party!

President Choices Summer Tour is visiting Extra Foods/Real Canadian Superstore all summer long.  You can log on to www.pc.ca for details.

What I have to do now is make sure I stock up enough brisket sliders, mini-sausages, the buns, salads and ice-creams during the Canucks and Lord Stanley meets!  See you at the Summer Party!!

'Everyone's welcomed' Metro Vancouver Summer Tour schedule

May 28 Sat 11 to 4 Real Canadian Superstore, 7550 King George Blvd, Surrey

May 29 Sun 11 to 4 Real Canadian Superstore,333 Seymour Blvd, North Vancouver

June 2 Thur 2 to 7 Real Canadian Superstore, 8195- 120St., Delta

June 3 Fri 2 to 7 Real Canadian Superstore,2855 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

June 5 Sun 11 to 4 Real Canadian Superstore, 19851 Willowbrook Drive, Langley

June 9 Thur 2 to 7 Extra Foods, 32900 S. Fraser Way, Surrey

June 10 Fri 2 to 7 Real Canadian Superstore, 3185 Granview Hwy, Vancouver

BBQ tips from President Choices Executive Chef Tom Fillippou

  • Allow the BBQ to heat up.
  • Prep your BBQ station – make sure everything you need is within reach.
  • Never mix cooked and raw meat/seafood together, do use different sets of utensils.
  • Be patient, make sure the grill is hot enough before you start cooking.
  • Different meats/vegetables requires different cooking time and grilling methods.
  • Do not keep flipping the meat until one side is cooked.
  • Do not put on the sauce too soon, brush on the food just a few minutes before serving.
  • When grilling fish/seafood, use high heat.
  • This barbeque season, MINI is the key.
  • Make sure you clean the grill every time you finish barbequing by wet clean first, then when it cools down, dry-clean with pads or cloths.