Is that bacon in my beer?

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Henry Yuen

Ready for something different? You bet! So when I heard the word ‘Bacon Stout’ at a recent Whole Hog dinner at Refuel, I rejoiced.

Let’s look at it this way, having 2 roasted pigs’ heads in the dining room as a showcase was awesome; biting into their ‘ear & brain’ was exotic, but gulping R&B’s Bacon Stout? Totally ecstatic!

The whole hog dinner is now an annual food fest at Refuel. Nobody could predict what Robert Belcham comes up with, you kind of know what you’re in for yet have no idea what you’re going to eat, that’s probably why the hog dinner is always a sold out.

That evening, good for Andrew Tape and Todd Graham, the Brew Masters from R&B Brewery who showed up with a couple unique cask beers to make the evening more wild and fun. Imagine if this took place during summer in a backyard, when I could down those beers in my shorts?

OK, back to Refuel!

I chose the Lemongrass Sungod Ale to go with the Asian wrap-style pork shoulder, served with condiments of fresh chili, pickles, lime and cilantro. Never knew that lemongrass and ale can go so well together. What I like about this Sungod Ale was the gentle lemongrass hint, the fragrant was not overpowering at all. It is definitely a lighter beer with the intention of providing freshness and balance to this aromatic appetizer dish. I’ll drink it with any sports program on TV.

The Bacon Stout was an eye-opener!  Bacon? Oh, yeah! Brew Master

Todd said, “Why not?” But it was not easy at all!  You see, oil and water don’t mix, so after many trial and errors, the light bulb finally lit above his head.  He adopted the coffee grind method and was able to extract the flavour not the grease from the bacon. The result? A darker, full-bodied stout loaded with strong note of bacon.  This stout and the Confit Pig’s head with ‘pan-fried potatoes, savoy cabbage; ear & brain and eggplant salad, salsa verde’ (it’s a mouthful, but so delicious!) was a marriage made in Refuel!  The richness of the stout and this course went hand-in-hand and took my dining pleasure to great distance! 

I’m going to my favourite Chinese BBQ store and get myself some 5-spiced braised pig’s head and ear, a pound of roasted pork and settle in my couch with some unique creations from R & B Brewery. Wanna join me?



Is that bacon in my beer?