Alaska King Crab - Eat like a king

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Alaska King Crab - Eat like a king in Chinese restaurants

Stephanie Yuen

We see them, those big claws, boiled and served cold, at buffet tables.  But in most Chinese seafood restaurants in Metro Vancouver, the big claws are attached to giant Alaska King Crabs, which are still moving in the live seafood tanks, a must-have feature for all Chinese seafood restaurants.

Another short Alaska King Crab season is about to begin in Metro Vancouver, Weighing an average of 10 – 12 pounds, these king crabs can turn out 3-5 courses, a feast fit for a king for sure. Thanks to the communion Chinese meals, the king feast is perfect for sharing.

What are the 3 – 5 courses?  Thought you never ask!

Deep-fried Salt & Pepper Knuckles; Open-face claws steamed two ways: with fresh chopped garlic and with eggwhite and wine sauce; Baked coconut-curry rice in the shell and Sauteed San-mein noodle with the crab jus from the steamed claws. Each King crab course presents a different flavour and texture while each bite brings new sensation to the palate.  Once you try it, you’ll agree Alaska King Crab not only worth the price, it is also a divine gourmet experience.

Those who have not yet savour them, may I ask why?  Get a group of at least 8 people, so besides the multi-coursed Alaska King Crab, there’s till room for a plate of seasonal green, a meat dish and dessert. For 8 people, a 10 lb. crab would be ideal.  For 10 or more, pay attention to the monstrous king crab when the waiter brings it to your table to show you.

 My favourite restaurants for Alaska King Crab dinner:

Jade Dynasty Restaurant: E. Pender near Main, Chinatown. 604-683-8816

Sun Sui Wah Restaurant: Main & E. 23rd, Vancouver. 604-872-8822

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant: Kingsway at Glen, Vancouver. 604-873-6338

Excelsior Restaurant: 6340 No. 3 Road. Richmond. 604-278-2616

Kirin Seafood Restaurant:  New Westminster @ No. 3 Road. 604-303-8833