By: Stephanie Yuen

 How much do you know about steak?

 Ask Mark Schatzker, the guy who went on a ‘round the World’ excursion seeking for answers to a good piece of steak.  He checked out steak houses where ever he went, talked to ranchers and farmers of different regions, breeds and grazing land; picked the brains of fellow steak enthusiasts; sank his teeth into all sorts of steaks and while doing all of the above, he scripted tons of notes.  As a result, this book!

 Carnivores will not argue the simple pleasure a divine piece of steak presents – the tenderness, the juiciness, the primal volatility! How Mark decided to take on such a journey and filled hundreds of pages on steaks is beyond me. This is, however, not just a book on steaks, but dialogues and vital information; in fact, it is a handbook for steak lovers!

It’s about a guy and his quest for an ideal piece of meat, his diligent and enduring search for the perfect bite.  Mark dissects all the key elements: from nature’s doing to human’s maneuvering, what’re necessary for the making of perfect bites. From Texas to France, Japan to Argentina, he shares the facts, the good and the bad behind the meat. ‘Steak’ is a reconciliation of basic human need when it comes to ultimate palate satisfaction and sensual happiness, the moment of truth around and beyond Ribeyes, T-bones and whatever cuts it may be.   

 No doubt, one has to be a food lover, much more so, a steak fanatic to willingly embark on such a devouring journey, perhaps a perfect task for the male gender?  Yet, even for female readers, the study, the approach and expectation towards a piece of steak, from the moment you choose the cut, to when it touches your tongue, will never be the same.



Author: Mark Schatzker

ISBN 978-0-670-02181-9

Penguin Books

274 pages