What's on my plate

My apology for not updating my blog postings sooner, I’ve been spending the last few weeks talking to chefs and collecting recipes for a book I’m working on.  “Vancouver Cooks Asian”, a cookbook about Vancouver’s Asian food scene, their chefs and their recipes, will be published Spring 2011.


Fresh From Yew’s backyard to our dinner table

Talking about value, what about superb cuisine, great ambiance and top-notch service in a beautiful dining room?  I can’t argue Yew’s $35 3-course dinner is one of the city’s best deals. 


Bravo to Four Season Hotel that makes this a year round offering of B.C.’s finest produce, 7 nights a week. This month of October, wild salmon is featured.  The Roasted Sockeye I tasted the other evening was brushed with Romesco Sauce, accompanied by a bountiful bed of fall vegetables, crispy chick peas and brown rice.  Looking for texture and flavour balance?  In to my mouth were moist flakes with a nutty tease, hearty zucchini and eggplants, juicy red peppers and sweet peas; topped off with earthy rice! Hm...I should go back for more.


Yew also offers scrumptious Saturday and Sunday brunch from 11:30 to 2:30. If you go on Sunday, you may want to check out their wine list - a bottle of bubbly or wine is 50% off all day.  

Yew Restaurant Bar 604-692-4939  



Galloway’s – The candy store for foodies


On a Tuesday afternoon, I found myself inside Galloway’s Specialty Foods. I started off with the rack loaded with packets of herbs and spices, then aisles of flours and rice; wheat and grains; baked goods, health products, organic products, Asian ingredients, groceries; nuts and beans; noodles and pasta… whatever your cooking, baking and even beauty or health product making needs are all there. I saw odd products; familiar products, new products and delicious looking products as well.  Totally elated, a 20-minutes quick-grabber became a 45-minute discovery in wonderland. Needless to way, my shopping basket was full when I cashed out. 



 Dinner plan for the evening? Baked Salmon with Indian Spices, Quinoa with black bean salsa and Cucumber & Mung Dal salad.  (Recipes from The

Galloway’s Cook book, Volume One, available in store.)


So you ask; what is the secret behind a store that is 70 years old (since 1940) and still running strong? All it takes is a stroll inside the store and check out their websites for classes, tips and recipes.  Besides the Alderbridge location, Galloway’s just opened a flagship store with a production warehouse on Glenlyon, east of Boundary Road off Marine Way in Burnaby.   www.gallowaysfoods.com