Lucky Penny

Henry Yuen

From Casella Winery, the producer of the ‘Yellow Tail’ family of wines in Australia come another brand called Lucky Penny. From ‘Yellow’ to ‘Lucky’ and ‘Tail’ to ‘Penny’, that is quite a pleasant trail I say!

How do you describe the wine? Easy to drink and quite versatile is the impression gathered. 

Sourcing from the grapes in South Eastern Australia, the 2010 white is a blend of Chardonnay 65%, Viognier 20% and Pinot Grigio 15%. It is a lively white with lots of fruits and freshness. The Chardonnay gives it an adequate structure; the Viognier provides the tropical fruits of pears and peaches while the Pinot Grigio enhances the wine with the acidity as a refreshing summer   sipper that also pairs well with lighter fare and appetizers. It’s another product that is simple, ready to drink with welcoming aroma and freshness that doesn’t require a discerning taste bud to enjoy. Sipped with a wok-fried chicken dish with garlic herb sauce and a simple shrimp fried rice, this Lucky Penny white proved to be a winner.

The 2009 red is a blend of Shiraz 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30% and Merlot 20%. It’s a medium to full bodied wine with lots of possibilities. Having Shiraz as the foundation, the wine has a lot of cherries and sweetness on the palate. The Cabernet Sauvignon lends its blackberry and plum aroma while the Merlot balances it out with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. Lightly oaked, this red is delightful on its own since it has been aged in the winery for over a year. The winemaker deliberately blends the wines with the focus on creating a wine that is developed, pleasant on the palate and with down-to-earth attractiveness to cater to a wide range of taste buds. Suitable for casual occasions, food pairing should be easy for this red because of its elegant sweetness. Other than red meat or BBQ meats, do consider poultry or pork with citrus based sauce as well. Alternatively, serving this red with softer cheeses would liven up the party.

The Yellow Tail brand strives on its consistency and the winemaker has embarked on this exciting project with the Lucky Penny brand that exemplifies their mission. Not necessarily a serious wine, but very approachable and easy-to-drink, the Lucky Penny brand would be considered an everyday wine that would not break the bank. 

Two easy-to-drink new additions to your social wine list