Dine out extravaganza



Exquisite meals with bargain price tags A generous portion of soothing Mushroom soup to start?Sanafir's $18 Dine-out menu is a big hit.

Stephanie Yuen

Sanafir's $18 Dine-out menu is a big hit.A generous portion of soothing Mushroom soup to start?


Let’s see: 215 restaurants, 14 days, 3-course menus, 3 price brackets – this is a no doubt a task that Metro Vancouverites is facing.

The 3-course menus come with choices of appetizers, entrees and dessert – another decision making process to deal with. Glad to say from past experiences, the result is most rewarding.

In order to take full advantage of 2 weeks of gourmand dining, a plan should be in place. Early planners will likely get their desired reservations and see themselves dining out nightly, making palate comparisons from $18 dishes to $38 menus. While some restaurants are already fully-booked, there is really no need to panic, just remember, there’re a total of 215 restaurants!

Allow me to suggest this: Before you make any decision, please read through the list of restaurants from all three price tags. DO NOT be fooled by the ungrounded assumption that $38 menus are the best. You’ll be surprised at the caliber of restaurants in the other two brackets. Make a list; try new-to-you restaurants, different style and even ethnic cuisines and avoid going in as a big group.  

My $18 picks:

Au Petit Chavignol

Bistro 101 at Pacific Institue of Culinary Arts

Wild Rice



Wild Rice

My $28 picks:


Bistro Pastis


Ciao Bella

Ebo (at Grand Villa Delta in Burnaby)

Fleuri  *** My number one choice

Gramercy Grill

Italian Kitchen

Keg Steakhouse





My $38 picks:



Diva at the Met

Fish House

Five Sails



Provence Marinaside & Mediterranean Grill

Q4 Centro & Ristorante



Dine Out Vancouver is taking place from January 24 to February 6th.  For detail information and participating restaurants, log on to www.tourismvancouver.com/dov